Case Studies

Our Past and Current Projects

Teacher Training Workshop

This client is one of the top-ranking schools in China with a well-established international department where students are prepared to study overseas. To complement their teaching, there are increasing needs to introduce students to participative learning from earlier stage of their learning journey. A 2-week workshop was designed, led by a team of current UK senior teachers for a group of experienced teachers in China. The objectives were to introduce Active Learning and Co-operative Learning to the classrooms, followed by class observations.

Young Entrepreneurs Workshop

This was an 18-week workshop which introduced basic skills and concepts of entrepreneurship. The participants were 14 – 16 years old. Instructors worked towards enabling student’s confidence and self-efficacy preparing them to develop entrepreneurial mindset. The workshop culminated with students generating business ideas, solving problems and, deploying their own resourcefulness to be an entrepreneur.

Virtual PE Training Videos for K12

This was a series of PE videos aimed at supporting PE teachers to deliver PE lessons to children aged 4 to 8. Working with 3 teams of qualified PE coaches, PE lesson planners and film production teams, we have successfully designed the content and produced 96 PE videos, in English and Chinese, for our client to support a network of hundreds of PE teachers.

Summer and Winter Workshops

A series of workshops delivered in Summer and Winter in UK in Cambridge, London and Oxford. Typically, the workshops blend acquiring new skills, such as life skills, self-confidence, improving language abilities by developing critical thinking analysis with fun activities indoor and outdoor. Group sizes are small.

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