Empower Young Minds with Creative and Critical Thinking Courses

Develop abilities to analyse information, ask the right questions, then communicate ideas and solutions persuasively.

We offer workshops for 9 – 18-years old students from different countries. Each workshop is designed to develop analytical abilities to think for themselves, to reach conclusion or to collaborate for solutions, to grow confidence and poise to voice their thoughts, and to listen to counter arguments. These are life skills and qualities that are sought-after by top universities and employers all over the world.

Developing such life skills including critical thinking suit young people when they are delivered outside of classroom, with results that would complement their academic life.

Online Courses

We offer workshops to suit each of our client’s requirements. They can be delivered after school hours, during term-time, half-term and holiday period.

All our courses are currently delivered online:

  • Tutoring and mentoring from specialists with proven track record in their fields (e.g. debate tutor, public speaking mentor, poet, story teller and so on)
  • One-to-one sessions for initial personal rapport, mid-course and end of course feedback
  • 100% live teaching (no recorded modules)
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Residential Courses

Our residential courses are hosted at prominent colleges in London, Cambridge and Oxford. Each course is designed to help them acquiring new, practical and analytical thinking skills, and develop responsible social behaviours that would equip them for life.

Our residential courses offer:

  • Morning classes each weekday
  • Afternoon team-based activities, cultural excursions and intellectual challenges
  • An evening weekend programme of extra-curricular activities to build a strong network of international friends

Residential courses in UK will resume in Summer 2024.

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We Help Parents Preparing Youngsters for Tomorrow's World

In a super connected world, access to information is rapid and almost instant. While academic attainment remains important, obtaining top grades for language, science and math are no longer the only important achievements for young people today. Complex challenges locally, nationally and globally demand leaders and citizens who have the right mix of skills.
These skills include communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and flexibility will be crucial for future generations. Our programmes are instructional and practical with the aim to broaden perspective, to expand their breadth of learning, to equip with skills, and to bolster the confidence of every student who participates.
We help them building foundation to be leaders and citizens who are able to collaborate with diverse groups to solve problems.

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