About us

About WELL

WE ENJOY LEARNING LTD (WELL) was established in December 2018 by two professionals who have over 30 years between them working in education sector. One has spent the most part of her 25 years of career in growing partnerships between UK and Asian education providers and managing transnational education relationships. The other has grown several businesses from scratch including ICON Education and ICON Guardianship, opening markets for UK independent schools and offering seamless services for parents. Both have experienced being international students, later on working outside their respective home countries, and enriched by those experiences as women executives, operating in multi-cultural environments.

What We Do

WELL was born out of a shared passion to provide the best possible solutions to fellow educators in schools, colleges or universities, owner-managers of private education businesses and parents who only want the best education for their children.

We have an extensive network of professionals with whom we partner to deliver our assignments to clients and they include:

  • Lesson planners
  • Curriculum developers
  • Tutors, teachers, head teachers
  • Script writers and production teams